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Emotional Realignment.

Release emotional blocks to gain balance and aliveness.

My passion is to help clients make life changes that bring confidence, fulfillment and authenticity. As a Core Energetics Practitioner, with over fifteen years of experience, I help clients reengage their flow, purpose and direction. We can easily lose our sense of direction when struggles take over, whether those struggles are personal, relational or financial. We can find ourselves stuck in survival mode, depressed and anxious. Thoughts and movements become blocked and disconnected; we no longer feel in the flow of life. 


Core Energetics is based in psychotherapy. It's a holistic approach, employing cutting-edge techniques to help you integrate your body, mind, emotions and spirit. 
Working with mind and body will help you gain greater self- awareness, a deeper understanding of habits and painful patterns and allowing you to reclaim your aliveness, joy and sense of freedom. 

I work with many people who battle with self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relationship or intimacy issues, and trauma. For those who want to go deeper into self-discovery, this approach is potent and profoundly transformational.
For my out-of-state and international clients, please note that I do virtual sessions. I speak Swedish and English fluently.

My warmest welcome,


Core Energetics blends Body Psychotherapy and Spirituality. It's an integration of body, mind, emotion and spirit.​


It is a powerful, in-depth and expressive process that helps us live more passionate, pleasurable and creative lives. It addresses and navigates the things that block our energy and re-create defense patterns. An intuitive process that can trace as far back as your childhood.


But in the most human way, our processes help you re-learn your life-swing; revisit the person you know is there hiding inside, and aim to give you the skills to help you navigate your life. 

Core Energetics for Transformation

Core Energetics

An integration of body, mind, emotion and spirit.​

Life Coaching

Motivational, inspiring, action driven growth


Kind words from other clients experiences

Kind Words

"Anette. I am so grateful for all you did from me. Thank you so much. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't found you. Our work brought me into life and now I know what it feels like to be alive." -K.P.

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