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About Anette


I am a Core Energetics Practitioner, a Life Coach and a former faculty member at the Institute of Core Energetics.

I always had a passion for healing work and therapy. Perhaps because there was such a deep desire in me to heal. I loved many things in life, but didn't seem to be able to manifest what I wanted, or  when I did manifest it,  I somehow “destroyed” it. I struggled with a lot fear, although I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time.

I was trained as an actor at the time - my first passion. Seeking to improve myself, know myself better and to heal my own trauma, I was finally introduced to Core Energetics.

Core enabled me to discover more of who I am and in turn, I applied that to my life both professionally and personally.

I discovered I could be a passionate advocate for the technique, and decided to train to become a practitioner. After many years of study, I opened my own practice in Manhattan in 2001.

Core Energetics can be applied in many ways; my speciality and passion is to use cutting edge somatic techniques and embodiment practices. These help my clients create more awareness of deeply embodied defenses and coping mechanisms. My goal is to help my clients feel more alive, confident and empowered, supporting them to liberate their life energy. 

My deep passion and extensive experience in the Dramatic Arts influences the way I work with my clients, finding their unique expression and authenticity. 


I was born in Sweden, have lived, studied and worked in Stockholm, Paris, and now New York. I speak both English and Swedish fluently, and still love to speak French.

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