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"To be loved is wonderful, but to be seen is profound!"

–Portia De Rossi

What is Core Energetics? 

John Pierrakos, MD, is the creator of Core Energetics Evolutionary Process. He was a psychiatrist and healer and developed Bio Energetics together with Alexander Lowen. Eva Pierrakos, John’s wife, documented lectures known as The Pathwork. These lectures influenced John's development of Core Energetics. 

Core Energetics is a dynamic system for personal growth, healing and transformation. This unusual modality encompasses body, mind, emotion, will and spirit. It brings together and helps us integrate the parts of us we try to compartmentalize - or deny. The work supports unblocking your innate life force, by utilizing movement, breath, vocal expression and other practices. You will gain greater awareness and understanding, and it will help you see the different choices life holds.  


By letting go of patterns (blocks) that no longer serve you, your essence can flourish, your creativity and openness to life can come alive. There are ways we block ourselves; through mental images and beliefs, shallow breathing, muscular tension; many of which we are not even aware of.  When we change a pattern, energy flows and gives us, not only physical relief, but clarity, joy and a sense of freedom. 


We can free ourselves from the emotional grip of our old experiences, find new ways to use our past as a source of information, and develop our gifts. In Core Energetics we see people as whole. We sometimes we simply get stuck – in feelings of depression, anxiety, numbness, or addiction for example, which cover up the underlying issues. 

Part of being human is also to feel and be in pleasure. Pleasure is our birthright. When we are born, we are pure and our energy flows without restriction, but as we enter into the world, environments and people can affect our sense of safety, love, and nurturance. This in turn, creates defense patterns and emotional suffering. We all want to feel pleasure but many of us often get stuck in suffering, not because we truly are suffering, but because it is familiar and safe.  Core Energetics is focused toward your regaining the purity that lives in you.

What does a session look like?

I use a combination of talk, touch, physical movement, breathing and very specific “exercises” that relate to the issues the client is struggling with. All of this combined will help the client gain more consciousness, access underlying feelings, release physical tension or discover something they may not have known before. It helps them move from a held or perhaps depleted state to a healthier one. Gentle grounding, and contact is fundamental in our work. Exploring boundaries may be yet another important piece of the puzzle for the client.

A session generally starts out with talking. Since the body is the mirror of our internal struggles, thoughts, images and suppressed feelings, I might either help the client become aware of how he/she feels, or use an intervention that brings consciousness. There are times we don’t even know what is going on until we make a point to check in or something is pointed out to us, and we explore this through cutting edge techniques. 

Since we are very complex beings, there are layers to be unveiled. Everybody is a unique combination of character traits, qualities, and experiences, so how we go about a session differs depending upon what each client brings.

Giving support, space and safety helps us find our own resting place and our own solutions. I also believe in challenging my clients so they can become aware of certain behaviors, images and beliefs. We need all of it in order to move forward in life. 

My Specialties

Relationship & Intimacy Issues

Depression-Anxiety & Anger

Trauma & Abuse Issues

Motivation & Stress

Presence & Grounding

Building Self Esteem & Confidence

Body Image 

Emotional Regulation

Boundaries & Speaking Your Truth

Uncover & Release Held Emotions

Learning to Be in Your Happiness & Pleasure

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