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Choices: The crazy relationship we've developed with technology during the quarantine

I can’t tear myself away from the computer ! It’s become my new lover.

Totally enmeshed !

But oh my g…….I get so sick of it.

Just the way I might feel with a boyfriend would I be in quarantine with him.

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling that way, whether it be the computer, TV, BOYFRIEND / GIRLFRIEND / HUSBAND / WIFE.

Step away, disengage, slam shut the computer or get out of your partner’s energy. Revive yourself with the now “famous” walks, take a bath with sea salt, knit or play indoor tennis.

You can either…

Glue yourself to the computer / TV

Hate your partner

Get overwhelmed and frustrated

Eat hot dogs and chips

Tear your hair off

Get depressed (easily done)

Wash your hands and scrub the apartment every 5 minutes

Or you can….

Slam the computer shut after 15 minutes or an hour

Jump up and down to get your blood flowing

Swear a little bit (can’t believe I just said that. I’m a professional after all - but it can actually make you feel better), so swear, while you jump. Get that crazy frustrated energy off of you.

Eat a salad, drink a smooooooooothie (maybe a little chocolate as a treat?)

Take a nap

Dream (yes, daydreaming is important. That’s where we get inspiration. It boosts your creativity and problem solving)

Go out listen to the birds

Sing a song

Wash your hands every 10 minutes……………

Reach out to a professional if you need to talk, or call a friend.

Go out and fly a kite.

Feel the freedom under your wings

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