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Deserted City. Racial Injustice

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

A boarded up and deserted city.

It brought my thoughts back to Germany ’39 and The Great Depression.

Walking around NY recently, the city felt deserted and sad.

Heaviness was looming over us and fear of going outside increased.

The tide seems to slowly turn, hopefully with leaders of this country awakening and engaging with both hearts and minds.

Although protests remain, the end of lockdown finally breaths new life into the city.

I am not a friend of violence, on the contrary. Stealing or hurting others is

unacceptable. But sometimes it seems like riots and wild protests are a

necessary evil to make someone hear us. How can we be heard if no one wants to listen, or if we don’t create a stir? I don’t know the answer to that, only that when people feel powerless, violence seems to be the way that helps them rise up.

Violence lives in all of us, to a certain degree.

Our anger has many faces. It sometimes shows up as the need to control

everything and everyone, or as the behavior of the passive-aggressive.

Violence may ruminate just beneath the surface of the submissive.

It’s the rage of having been hurt, abandoned, humiliated or forced to do something we didn’t want to do, and the desire for revenge.

Victim and perpetrator energies are both our shadow.

How do we learn to be aware of these dynamics, and be present to that within, without the need to act out by destruction or attempts to control?

I believe we can, once we are able, willing and courageous enough to, over and over again, take a look at our own shadow that inevitably exists within us.

It’s the stubborn work of a lifetime.


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