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Private Sessions

Individuals, Couples and Groups

Sessions typically run 55 minutes in length and involve, talking, breathing and energy work. For optimum results it is recommended that we meet once a week.


We will explore your conditioning and behaviors, examine beliefs and images and how they hold back your full potential. I will support you to take small risks, deepen your awareness, enliven your life and become a fuller, more authentic version of who you know you can be.

I work individually and with couples. Sessions are $150/hr. Depending upon your need and financial situation, rates can be discussed. Skype and phone sessions are also available. 

Artists & Performers

I am addressing this page to performers and artists: My own love for the arts and my own experience of Core Energetics let me delve into self-discovery, changing my relationship to the arts and, from there, recognising how we can use ourselves as artists. 

For this reason I see this work often used by artists and performers to help them continuously improve and grow. Many use it to find a greater range in the work; some just to simply refresh or to find a different way in. 


We want to learn how to access our own emotions, and we also need crafts and skill to help us. We want to be able to tap into certain parts within us that may be hidden or buried. We do it in the service of the arts - and, importantly, ourselves. The more we can navigate to these seemingly hidden parts, the easier we can access them again when the art demands it from us. 

Art is about energy exchange, between ourselves and the text, our fellow performers, the audience or, if you would be a painter, the canvas. We all experience resistance and we hold back sometimes, and the root cause of this can be invisible to you. But ultimately we want to be able to have our energy flow as freely as possible. The more connected we are to ourselves, the more others will be affected. It’s the energy we exude that affects others.


Core Energetics empowers you to feel your own impulses and sensations, allowing them to move you.

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