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Anette is a beautiful, holding, “allowing presence" and a knowledgeable shaman. She creates a very safe container, and somehow knows exactly when and how to step up which tools of expression when it comes to unlocking deeply buried and stuck emotions. 

And each time, without fail, that allows for a shift and a powerful transformation. Blessed to have been working with her. 


Daniela P, CA

Anette has an extremely high level of integrity. 

The nature of her work demands that her clients trust her implicitly. Her practices and protocols reflect honesty and professionalism. I have found her to be both scrupulous and dependable. 


Kristine F, NY

When I came to Anette, some thirteen years ago, I had already spent several years in therapy and had addressed problems related to 
substance abuse and child abuse. Anette is a deeply intuitive and empathic healer who managed to foster an environment of trust and gentle 
persuasion that allowed me to access levels of emotional awareness that simply would not have been possible were it not for her dedication and 
deep understanding. 
What transpired was nothing short of a paradigm shift in the way I came to 
relate to and integrate emotion and understand the role the body plays in synthesizing feelings and experiences. These breakthroughs have 
had a profound impact on my capacity to show and receive love, my effectiveness as an educator and lastly facilitated my return to my profession 
as an artist after a ten year hiatus. I am deeply indebted to Anette and cannot recommend her more highly to anyone who is seeking to expand their 
emotional and expressive potential.


Dear Anette, I am grateful for you, for your light, your strength, your courage and heart. Your unconditional love, your sensitivity, your ability to go to the depth of emotions and tremendous capacity to feel deeply. You have held me in my deepest needs and taught me to fly. You have helped me feel my depth and taught me to hold myself.  You inspire me and I hope to be able to live from my truth and vulnerability some day like you do.  Much love and a great start to a rocking new year! - S.H.


I think of Anette as an angel, one who helped open my eyes and find my footing in this world while constantly watching out for me and encouraging the timid voice of my spirit to speak more confidently and clearly. I am and will forever grateful beyond words to Anette.


Working with Anette awakened my own natural curiosity and helped me shift away from a from a world infused with fear to one filled with wonder.  I was able to discover joy in life and the good in others. With Anette, I felt so secure and supported that not only was I able to explore, but also to confront, the darkest depths of my past. The work we did together was difficult and scary at times; however it was the most important work I have ever done. And the outcome has proven absolutely invaluable. Anette introduced me to love and to gratitude, which continue to guide me today.  She opened my eyes, opened my heart, and opened life up to be lived for me.  


I am now able to see, experience, and appreciate how rich and colorful life can be; I am better able both to cherish the positive and to bounce back from the negative. Anette is a wise, courageous, and sensitive woman and I am so fortunate to have her in my life. Truly, the depth and extent of my gratitude to Anette has no bounds. - E.F.

I have fought you, I have learned to be in my truth, I have learned to stand up for myself, I have learned to see your humanity thanks to the vulnerability you share. I am learning to uncover that which stands between what I THINK is who I am and what actually is ME. I am flowing, I am living and I am loving. Thank you. - A.D

Anette. I am so grateful for all you did from me. Thank you so much. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't found you. Our work brought me into life and now I know what it feels like to be alive. I love and appreciate you. I feel so blessed to have worked with you. Again thank you with all of me.  Thanks, - K.P.

Anette guided and supported me in uncovering and accepting aspects of myself that I could never acknowledge before. With compassion and humanity she embraced me. With great therapeutic skills she helped me move on. I recommend Anette wholeheartedly.’’ It is all true!! Abbracci, - L.S


Hi Anette, I feel so happy!!!!! I feel freer like when I was young. A sense of play and adventure. Don’t understand it exactly and I don’t need to but I feel like you took a hammer and hit the nail on the head. So fun and funny. I snapped out of the spell what feels like a 2 year spell and yes, I was going numb. Thank you so much for your wisdom. I am grateful for the trust in the guidance I feel with you. Hey, sounds like a testimonial!!!! Finally. Love u !!!  - M.L.


Anette, was the conduit for one of the most profound changes in my life. Her techniques were the automatic switch for increased insight. Anette taught me the power of self-love & in just a few sessions, guided me towards lifelong growth. “This confirms for me that I am not a person having a spiritual experience, but a spirit having a human experience" (Teilhard de Chardin). - G.G ​​



I want to acknowledge you for the deep work you have done with me. Others see the shifts in me and the coins just keep dropping in. - A.L.

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